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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Last T ball game

Jansen's last T ball game of the year was played at UCA ( as was the last half of the season) due to the tornado that came through Vilonia in April and really messed up the ball park. UCA was kind enough to let the Vilonia baseball program finish out the year playing games on their fields. This last game was June 10 and it was extremely hot!

Run Jansen Run!

Waiting for his turn to bat. He wanted to be number 5 this year since he was 5 years old when the season started!

Playing in the field...ready to catch a ball!

Jansen and coach

sweet baseball boy!

At the end of the game all the kids got waterguns and sprayed Jack since today was his birthday! They had more fun doing this than the actual game I think!

Spraying coach Jack! They got him good and it was a total surprise to him!

No game is complete without a cold treat after!

Daddy presenting J with his trophy for a good fun season!

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