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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Last T ball game

Jansen's last T ball game of the year was played at UCA ( as was the last half of the season) due to the tornado that came through Vilonia in April and really messed up the ball park. UCA was kind enough to let the Vilonia baseball program finish out the year playing games on their fields. This last game was June 10 and it was extremely hot!

Run Jansen Run!

Waiting for his turn to bat. He wanted to be number 5 this year since he was 5 years old when the season started!

Playing in the field...ready to catch a ball!

Jansen and coach

sweet baseball boy!

At the end of the game all the kids got waterguns and sprayed Jack since today was his birthday! They had more fun doing this than the actual game I think!

Spraying coach Jack! They got him good and it was a total surprise to him!

No game is complete without a cold treat after!

Daddy presenting J with his trophy for a good fun season!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Jack turns 30!

June 10, 2011 Jack is 30 years old! We had a surprise birthday party for him at Randy and Debbies house and everyone got to go swimming too if they wanted. We really surprised him, thank goodness! A fun time was had by all!

Kyle and Brooks both chewing on their hands!

Michael, Mark, Marilyn, and Elizabeth

Cindy, Debbie, Liz, Emily

Pool Party!

The food line!

Uncle Dan pouring drinks for everyone

Our family

Jansen helping daddy blow out his candles

The birthday card made by Jansen and Conner!

Jansen wanted to get Daddy a basketball cake so that's what we did! It was really cute and tasted really good too! Happy 30th birthday Jack! We love you!

Kindergarden Celebration

At the end of the school year Jansen's kindergarden class had a celebration, not really a graduation, but about the same thing. The above picture is him with his teacher Mrs. Bonner and principal Mrs. Loyd.
Singing songs and smiling during their performance

Jansen and his friend Hayden

Jansen's class is in the red shirts

The whole kindergarden! They were all so cute!

Muffins for Mom

Jansen's school had muffins for mom one morning before school started, yes it was way early for J to be at school but we made it! It was a sweet moment we got to share together with one of his best friends Lauren and her mom who sat right beside us ! My little boy is almost finished with kindergarden... time goes so fast!

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day weekend 2011 held big news for our family. We told our family and friends we were pregnant and expecting our 3rd child! We had known for quite a while as I was 12 weeks by this time! Rita made cupcakes that were pink and blue on the inside so when our friends bit into them they were different and everyone suspected this was the news! We gave our moms an ultrasound picture in their cards as our way of telling them. My due date is November 22, 2011 and we are thrilled in anticipation of baby #3 arriving!

Rita, Conner, Kyle, Mom, Me and Jansen

My family ( plus baby in tummy!)

My sweet boy

And again

Mom and Dad with the boys on Mothers Day

Dad (Pop) with his grandsons

Playworld Birthday Party

This may include more pictures than ever in one post but I had to include them all! And once again I think they are in reverse order but at least they are getting documented! We had Jansen's 6th birthday party at playworld in Conway and he had so much fun with all of his friends that were able to come! The above picture is Jansen with all of his presents.

Me with my sweet 6 year old

All of Jansen's friends that came to his party

Opening presents

Sparky the dog made a visit to the party

Daddy and Jansen

Conner enjoying some birthday cake

About to blow out his candles

Rita and Kyle

Pizza time!

More friends eating

Jansen with Cade, Brody, and Max

Ready to dig in to his cake after he blows out the candles!

My big 6 year old!

Sweet boy enjoying his party

THe birthday cake for the birthday boy. We love you so very much Jansen and you are growing up way too fast! Happy Birthday sweet boy!